Anyone use Digital Ocean?

I’m wondering if they’re worth checking out, they seem to have excellent performance. It seems like scaling droplets up & down is easy.

I’ve gotten comfortable with an Ubuntu 18 vps and imagine that DO would be similar, though I wonder if their support is genuinely helpful or not (on previous occasions they were slow & semi-helpful).

Hi @cheezballz. I use them extensively and have over 30+ images running Mautic with them and no issues.



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Thanks, I will definitely do that when the time comes. Can droplets have dedicated IPs? Do you have SMTP servers there too?

Also, can droplets be cloned? I currently build some WordPress sites that are basically clones of a master site. In WHM I put the backup files in the skeleton folder so they are there when a new cpanel is made. Then I have to install WP, activate the backup plugin, restore the backup, etc. Being able to just clone a whole droplet would streamline things so much, it would be a dream come true.