Help needed with VPS Install

My Mautic version is: v4.4.9
My PHP version is: 8.0.28
My Database type and version is: MySQL V8

Your problem
Hi All! Great tutorials as always! Although I have a question. I have a VPS with my WordPress website on it. I have also installed Mautic via CLI in a sub-folder on the server. I have a number of forms that are collecting data from the website and sending emails via SES etc… Everything working great! I now wish to move onto my second stage of the build and am feeling quite nervous about it! I am fairly new to Docker & using the CLI etc… Tho can find my way around!

Here’s what I wan to achieve…

I wish to install “n8n” and something like “Budibase” on the same VPS and link them all together - again installed via CLI & Docker. But I am worried that I may break my website & Mautic installation. Will installing these with docker cause problems or will they work as stand-alones? and if they will work okay are their any standout importing things that I would need to keep an eye on? (Like ports etc…) Also, do you have any tutorials showing how to do this?

And finally, I have snapshots & backups enabled for my VPS at server level (DigitalOcean) I also have daily backups for my WordPress install using (great service) which allows me a very quick one click restore. So I’m wondering if there is a way of doing something similar with my Mautic and other dockers installs?

Any help / advice much appreciated & keep up the great work!


It’s recommend to have mautic and n8n on their own VPS. It’s certainly possible to have them all on one VPS but unless you have the skills to admin servers it’s easier and cleaner to have a VPS per service, at least that is my approach.

Digital ocean lets you take server snapshots that you can 1 click restore. Works great as a back up option if you have each service on its’ VPS. If they are all one one VPS then al your services would be affected when restoring a snapshot.

I use n8n to automate the taking of a snaphot of my mautics daily and the deleting the week old snapshots so I always have a rolling 7 day back up. Again easy cos my services are kept on their own VPS.

Not quite the answer to what you were asking but somewhat useful I hope.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I shall look into it! :slight_smile: