Anyone using 3rd party forms (Gravity, Fluent Forms etc) integrated with Mautic?


anyone using Gravity Forms / Fluent Forms or other forms plugin successfully integrated with Mautic?
Asking as I reviewed posts on forum and found that there were some integration plugins which worked a few years ago but stopped working now.

I checked Fluent Forms and integration works technically (contact in Mautic is created after Fluent Forms submission) but the problem is that this is a completely new contact created and not updated the anonymous one that has been created by Mautic tracking script.
As the result there are 2 contacts, Mautic still tracks web visitor using anonymous contact.
So technically it works but from process perspective is quite useless…

Just curious if any Form Plugin can just update the anonymous contact with data gathered during form submission (as native Mautic form does)?

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Have you try this

Yes, I tried WP Mautic Form Integrator but it seems is not working with new Mautic.
There are also comments that it stopped working for others too…

I managed to integrate CF7 with Mautic, just I found out that it does not give me the location lookup by IP address. So I decided to just embed the mautic forms in my WP site in order to do the list signups.