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Simple Contact Form 7 to Mautic Plugin

I’ve written a simple and small WordPress Plugin, that sends standard mautic data (firstname, lastname, email…) submitted by a CF7 form to Mautic. Furthermore you can connect a segment with the submitted email-addresses.
The current version does not send data to a Mautic form. As I said, it’s really simple.


Hello @ulrich !
That is great.
A quick question: do you fire a Mautic tracking pixel upon submission?
What I mean: the pre-submission anonymous will be identified if the pixel is fired properly.

Hi Joeyk,
no it doesn’t fire a pixel, but adds the data to mautic. The plugin adds a contact and a segment, or a contact only, if the segment exists or adds a contact to a segment if both exist. After that the contact is a member of the campaign, if one has been defined.

Awesome, thanks!

I am still after an integration that fires the tracking pixel so that Mautic links the anonymous user with the now known user.

So far all the integrations can’t do that. I have devised a work around and there is a another solution with php. But it would be nice to have an out of the box integration solution that works as well as a mautic form but with out the mautic form styling limitations, or requiring one to muck about with CSS to get a decent looking form.

Hi, the code I wrote is executed when someone submits the CF7 form.
What exactly do you need? Just an simple integration of a Mautic Pixel?

@joeyk will be able to explain this better than I.

When someone visits a site where the Mautic tracking code is installed, Mautic tracks them as a simple IP address via the 1st party cookie that is dropped by Mautic. When that anonymous contact completes a mautic form, all the history that was collected for the anonymous contact is attributed to the now know record, and future return visits are attributed to the person as well.

With the current 3rd party form integrations, while the contents of the form are passed to Mautic, the association between the tracked anonymous IP and the now known contact is not made. Meaning the historical browsing history is not allocated to the new record, nor are future visits. In fact Mautic will now have 2 records for the same person as Mautic will continue to track their visits as an anonymous record parallel to the contact that has been passed in via the integration.

Thsi post may explain this better. Passing a lead from One Mautic to another on Open Mailer - #9 by joeyk