API call in Mautic

Is it possible to call the API in journey so that we can set all its parameters ourselves and perform different actions based on the response? Also do we have the possibility to use the response of the API call?

Hi, could you plz give an exact example?

Here are the API docs BTW:

Hi, thanks for your answer.
For example, I plan to monitor the users who will enter my site and set specific journey for custom segment base on their action, and if they perform a specific action, I will call an API and send a message to the user, where a part of the message body is filled with the answer of that API.

Most marketers use Mautic to monitor the site with the javascript tracking snipplet Mautic generates.
This is able to monitor form submits, link clicks, page visits. Based on these actions Mautic is able to automatically change segments, start campaigns, perform actions (one of them is email sending).
You can also notify mautic, about other events, and translate it into actions (like send an email if someone has hoovered the big red button, but didn’t push it).

You could create a custom field or tag in Mautic related to this action. For example:
You create a custom field “Did Dangerous Things” with the options:
“Hoovered over the big red button”, “Used knife to poke the Toaster”, “Dried hair in the bathtub”.

Then you can assign one of these fields via API to the contact by using it’s email or contact ID in Mautic. You can even use the tracking js to make those changes. Mautic will read out the contacts ID from the cookie and do the changes by itself.

Hi, again thank for your reply.
Let me explain more. Suppose we want to call our APIs or any third-party APIs after the user performs a specific action and decide what journey to assign to the user based on the answer of that API? And finally call another API to send the message (SMS) to the user. Is this possible or not?

Short: what you described is possible and widely used.
An example:

I think you don’t know how Mautic works and what it can do, maybe you should post a commercial offer for consulting in the Forum’s appropriate section.