API - Email is invalid error (email is spam but technically a valid email)

Your software
My Mautic version is: v4.4.3

Currently doing a contact sync via API (n8n) and getting a hard error “Error: Request failed with status code 400” with invalid email.

Fairly big headache

Email address example is obviously spam but to me is still technically a valid email address
email: w.s.y. is invalid.

Question 1
Is there a means of turning off validation rules for API?

Question 2
Where would 1 find all these rules, definitions and errors you could potentially hit via API

Question 3
Is there a means of running these validation rules before an create/update contact via API?

Decided to break it down the flow into batches and then ignore any errors.
Workaround and makes me question what else it is throwing but yeah :slight_smile: … power on

This is interesting. I use n8n extensively to bring new contacts to Mautic and have had no such issues. Unless I am not looking in the right place.

To be clear the API is not querying a spam data base somehow, its actually the email structure that is failing the validity test for an email. In your example to many periods in the email address?