'valid email' condition always results in a 'valid' email

Hey all,

As the title says … it doesn’t matter what email is put into a form. The ‘has valid’ email condition that I am using in the campaign always results in the email being ‘valid’ …

I’m using Mautic 3.01 and php 7.3 … can’t find anything weird in the logs either … Could be that I don’t recognize the error though …

Anyone have an idea what the issue might be ?


There was a bug opened on this issue a while ago, but it was supposed to be fixed:

Yes … I saw that one … and I was wondering if it was fixed … so, if anyone else is experiencing it, or it’s my setup that is somehow producing the issue … Would be nice to know …

I Think i know what you getting at…I guess you want to check if the email adress is actually valid (has MX records for example). That is not what the validation does. Basically its just checks if the email field is empty or not. Since you cant insert melformed email adresses either manually or via a form (without “@” or without a suffix.), that’s the only validation possible

You can achieve what you want pretty easely with a bit of programming and using validation services

Yes … I can hook mautic up to neverbounce and so on, but I read about this option in mautic and I assumed that it checks MX records …

Have I misunderstood that ?

Interesting, from the Github issue i thought it only relevant for blank email. Well, i tested this, and it seems to work. I tried it with a campaign the uses that action and adds a tag if the email not valid. i tried it with an email “111@1111.111” and the tag was added


It does work with me as well for something like 111@11111.111 … but it it doesn’t with some nonsense email like : fhsdjkfhsuirweuifhsdkjcnweiufrgweuyfgweufgweyuf@sdkfljsofiwur89whvsdokw2223423.com … That doesn’t get tagged …

I can see that too. Might be a bug with the validate email MX record

Yes … that’s what I though … a ‘solved’ bug that’s still a bug … anyway, it’s good to know that it’s probably still a bug … too bad… this feature can be very valuable.