API Rest - Advanced filtering with OR expression


I would like to retrieve form submissions depending on two fields, using an OR expression.

First, I can filter on one field value with the following request:


This works well. Now I want to search on an other field value if the first one does not match (OR expression). I cannot find how to do this.

I tried this:


But it obviously does not work because it uses an AND operator I guess.

And this:


But it seems that my query parameter orWhere is not taken into account.

Do you know how can I achieve this ?

Thank you for your time.

I haven’t tested it, but it seems that the API Library has an “orX” option:

It’s an alias for the Doctrine’s orX method:

Let us know if it works, please.

I do not use the API Library but simply use cURL. However, I installed and tested it to determine how the query parameters were set when using the orX method. This allowed me to obtain this result which works:


Thank you for helping @escopecz

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