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Auto closing reported bugs

Please do not take this as a criticism, I’m just trying to understand the thinking here.

Since we started using Mautic about 6 months ago I’ve reported a few “bugs” to the projects Github issue tracker and all these have now been automatically “closed” due to inactivity. I’m not sure I see the point of reporting a bug if the issue is then just closed automatically. Surely the issue should stay open until someone working on development has either fixed it or closed it as “invalid” or similar.

What is the reasoning behind closing bug reports automatically?


Hey there,

We had over 1000 open issues at one point, with nobody actually helping us with triaging them or providing information about whether the issue was still present in later versions.

For some time now we have a stalebot which will make an initial post saying that the issue has been stale for some time with no activity, and if there is no response that it will be closed. The reason being, if the original poster is not active we have not got the time to check if it’s still an issue for all the 200+ issues that are currently open are still a problem with the latest versions of Mautic.

All you have to do is respond with something - anything! - to say it is still an issue and it will not be closed. For example you could say ‘still an issue in 3.3.3’ to let us know that it’s still a problem, and you’re still willing to help us work on/test a fix. You can even do that after stalebot has added the tag.

If it’s still an issue and it has been closed, just add a comment and ask for it to be reopened, including your findings (eg having tested it with the latest version of Mautic).

Perhaps consider giving an hour of your time a week to help us with triaging issues (testing if they are happening with the latest release, determining what part of Mautic they affect and assigning the right labels, etc), testing pull requests for new bugs and features - that would be very much appreciated as we are extremely thin on the ground. It’s a huge task to keep up with and we have very few people who are actually helping.

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@rcheesley Thanks for explaining, makes sense.