automated import of contacts

Any thoughts on how one might automate the daily import of a CSV file of contacts into Mautic? Or even doing this directly at the database level to with a job to inject the contacts and contact updates directly into the MySQL database?

No one?

I gave this topic thoughts many times. Unfortunately Mautic exclusively relies on oAuth2 which makes it hard to integrate Mautic in a backend environment, as it is intended to work on a GUI level (app opens browser view, you enter your Mautic credentials and app recieves a token). However, there are some other approaches:

Manual CSV import: I am doing this right now for many cases where no real/near time data transfer is needed. Works, but is data processing from 1995.

Direct DB import: This is only recommended if you have deep knowledge of the data structure. If you want to load contacts, you max have to insert into more tables than the lead table. Otherwise it may affect the application in a very negative way (only deleting manually is worse).

Middleware service: A very noticeable solution is Zapier which connects application on an API level. You authenticate your application, build a very reduced kind of ETL (transformation) and the rest works automatically in real time.

ETL: Systems can be integrated via ETL tools. Downset: oAuth2. In my experience ETL tools don’t offer oAuth2 compoents as it is GUI related (see 1st paragraph). So, you will have to simulate a browser to obtail the token. Works (I did it with Talend) but is a workaround. The rest with ETL (receive data from multiple sources, transform and load it into Mautic) works fine.

Automatic CSV import: This would be my approach of choice - define a CSV pattern and a source path and trigger the import via cron. With this enterprise integration would work like a charm. However, Mautic does not (yet?) offer it.

Thanks PeterTL. Good insight. I guess there’s also the API route which we’ll look into more until Mautic comes up with slicker ways to address automated CSV import.

There is a plugin created for this:

I do this through another piece of software called
We create a CSV, parabola runs at a set time, it manipulates data and exports it to Mautic using basic API.