Automation emails not receiving in Gmail addresses

I have an issue not receiving emails from automation in Gmail accounts only, I tried about 4 different gmail address and not receiving emails, the dashboard is telling me that they where send to crons are working fine, I can receive in any other domain email addresses ?

Thanks all

Check spam

Are you queuing email or sending immediately? The email show “sent” as soon as they are spooled if you queue them. If so run swiftmailer:spool:send command

Hello EJL

Thanks for getting back, I’m using: sending immediately

Thanks already did that,

What SMTP are you using?
If you are using your own IP for sending and it is not warmed up, you might have been refused by Gmail before the spam filters. By certain SMTPs the SMTP response is not captured, so you would not see any results why you are not reaching the inbox. This answer would be something like “550 Your IP is blocked”.

Where can you see the response?
It depends on your SMTP. We need to know what you use in order to troubleshoot.


Hi Joey thanks for the message !

I’m using other SMTP, not my own IP

Plz try to setup Google Postmaster tools and monitor your rep, that might give you an indication if Gmail blocked you.