All emails landing in spam and promotion despite correct DKIM, SPF and DMARC records and mature 14 years old email account

Your software
My Mautic version is:3.1.1
My PHP version is:7.23

Your problem
Right now I can’t send any emails, because they land in spam and promotions folder.

I’ve tried to send the exact same emails directly from Gsuite, and the success is 100%, with Mautic it’s 0%, I would say that’s statistically significant!

I’m not sure what is causing this, but I suspect it’s the tracking image or js containing “mautic email automation” or some kind of keyword that triggers a red flag or spam filter.

Can anybody help, this is a deal-breaker, I can’t use an email system that can’t deliver emails ;(

This is the Mautic opening rate report:

This is sent from webmail:

You are comparing apples with oranges.

Direct gmail send vs mass send (and no, it doesn’t matter, that you try to beat the system and imitate a small scale send, your template will have bulk send written all over it: not gmail template, mailer in header, etc.)

If you want to bulk send, do it right:

  1. get a good IP from a 3rd party provider (amazon SES costs 1 USD / 10k emails, no fix costs)
  2. set up proper authentication (you already did that)
  3. use a proper template

BTW - did you include unsubscribe link in your email? If no, can you check if you have ‘bulk’ in your header? If you have bulk and no unsubscribe, than Gmail knows you are cheating the system.

If you have bulk and unsubscribe = you need to build relationship with your contact to inbox. Not the age of your email matters, but the relationship with the contact you are mailing to.

Bulk precedence looks like this:


(btw http for unsubscribe is bad, I will fix it :slight_smile: )

Hi Joey,

Actually, I have it going into Inbox and Update folders on shared hosting with a valid SSL

So what I did now is change the IP from digits to URL, next I will try to install SSL on google cloud, I’m almost there, I have it almost all set up from a tutorial for Wordpress

Looking for mautic equivalent of:



In local.php or config.php, but not sure where to change it!

Sorry, than I don’t understand you previous question :slight_smile:

Can you clarify what this means? You changed the IP to URL where?

The mautic installation is hosted on Google Cloud compute engine, the IP was something like this:

What I have done, is point a domain name to it,

Then I installed a Bitnami SSL

So now the site shows the lock, and it has a propper URL, not an IP address. This improved things a little, but 50% of the emails still end up in spam and promotions folders.

On shared hosting, the emails go to inbox 100%, no problem.

The shared hosting solution works, but I can’t run crons on it…

So for now, conclusively , it goes like this:

  • Emails work fine and go to inbox in Mautic softalicious install on shared hosting
  • Emails go to spam and promotions on Google cloud compute engine with domain URL and SSL, both on Google cloud deploy AND Bitnami installs

Would posting the mail headers here help?

You can run crons externally.
Create a php file, that runs all your crons.
Call that file from outside :slight_smile: Tadaaa

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