AWS RDS Migration

Mautic 4.1.1
AWS RDS Mysql 8
PHP 7.4

I’ve been working to consolidate the database for this Mautic instance to an AWS Aurora cluster running MySQL 5.7. AWS DMS moves the database in about 10 minutes so that’s not a problem.

When I change the connection string in local.php and clear the cache, I can’t get Mautic to load with server errors.

Anything obvious come to mind that I’m missing? Is it the downgrade from MySQL 8->5.7? This seems like a simple migration but I’m a bit stumped.

The Aurora cluster works fine with other Mautic instances and several Wordpress installations.

Thanks for your thoughts on this!


Did you able to solve your issues, we are currently looking to migrate our database to AWS Aurora cluster, is there any chalenges you faced for the above task other than the issue you have mentioned.
It would be great to get better understanding if we should look for AWS Aurora.


I actually kept my Mautic installs on RDS MySql and did not migrate to Aurora after the initial issues. I’m still not sure if it was the downgrade in MySql version or something about Aurora but after the migrate the install couldn’t connect properly and caused some issues. It’s interesting that you ask now because I am planning to migrate to an Aurora cluster this weekend, I’m initially going to do a test and launch an Aurora cluster with MySql 8 to see how that works.

Hey we are doing the same at the moment and seeing lots of issues with connectivity and high CPU usage even in an idle state.

Did you ever get to the bottom of this ?

We have been running on Aurora 3, MySQL 8 and things have been working fine. I never did really run Mautic on Aurora 2 so I can’t speak to that. Things have been going very well since I’ve moved all our Wordpress and Mautic db’s to Aurora 3.