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Backup less frequently used data


Some tables in Mautic over time get quite large as a result sooner or later you have to deal with fine-tunning your Mautic instance. Some tables that will only get bigger and bigger over time: page_hits, email_stats, audit_log, etc.

Since I do not want to lose old data I wonder if there is a way to cleanup mautic instance so that data is only moved to old table which would not be used during regular requests unless explicitly requested by user.

So for example I would like to be able to move page_hits older then 12 months to old_page_hits table. Data in old table would only be used/accessed if user specifically requested he wanted to include data from old table.

Each table in Mautic would have exactly the same table with prefix old_. That way we can move data to old table when we do not want to use it as much anymore. It would keep instance nice and tidy and marketers should have better experience using the platform.

For rare occasions… lets say we want to email something to a lead that has been inactive for the past two years we would access old_ tables but otherwise stick with “current” size regulated tables.


  1. Would the above proposal be possible to incorporate in Mautic?

  2. Do you have any other suggestions/approach on how to deal with the big database tables over time (besides hardware/server scale)?