Bounce Not Marking Properly

My Mautic version is: 3.0.1
My PHP version is: 7.3

My problem is: Bounce emails are not marking properly. It shows up on the contact list with the don’t contact icon. But when view contact it’s not showing the “Do Not Contact”. Also my bounce segment which set filter to Bounced - Email > equals > Yes is not showing any of the bounce contacts.

These errors are showing in the log: None

Possible bug? If someone can confirm then I will report it on GitHub.

Further investigating I found that those bounce contacts are not added when sending emails. It’s working properly. Emails are sent to them. I guess this is more about it’s not showing “Do Not Contact” on the view contact.

I forgot to mentioned. It still doesn’t bounce contacts added to the bounce segment which has the filter Bounce - Email > equals > Yes.

Need a bit more info before we are able to help you.
What SMTP method are you using for sending out the emails?

Thank you for responding.

I am running my own mail server which is working great. I had an issue before with the old mail server which bounce didn’t work at all. That was solved because the old mail server didn’t accept + character in the email address.

So this new one works great because it uses + as tag which Mautic uses.

Bounce is working because I can see the bounce emails get in my email account. I can also see that Mautic is checking it and marked it as read. I can also see that in Mautic contact list those bounce contacts do have the do not contact icon.

The issues are it’s not showing the “Do Not Contact” in the view contact which is under the “# points”. Also it’s not being segment into the bounce segment as I described above.

The news is it’s not sending emails to those contacts.

I don’t think SMTP is the issue here.

Hi, yes, not smtp issue. Just wanted to know if you are using 3rd party smtp where the feedback loop is handled differently. Sorry I don’t work with mailbox fetching, maybe someone else can help.

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