Campaign actions stuck at pending

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Campaign actions stuck at pending
I was wondering if anyone has recommended values for --batch-limit --max-contacts or --max-threads when running campaigns:update and campaigns:trigger crons. I know the docs talk about lowering default values to limit resources used I’m encountering an intermittent problem where sometimes actions aren’t being triggered and left at pending, only thing I can think of are resources, unless anyone has other suggestions or recommendations?

These errors are showing in the log:
No errors in the log, just some contacts in a campaign are left with pending actions
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Same issue here. Please help!

Did you get a reply to this problem. I also see my contacts are not being removed when people use my custom unsubscribe the campaign actions is pending

Very curious too… I agree that it might be related to some cronjob setting, but my websearch-fu is failing me so far…

Turns out my installation was broken, so i backed up my DB, reinstalled, reinstated the DB and now it’s working. \o/