Mautic:campaigns:trigger error

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.2.0
My PHP version is:
My Database type and version is: 10.3.34-MariaDB-cll-lve

Your problem
My problem is:
When running cron job mautic:campaigns:trigger I get this information:

Triggering events for campaign 5
Triggering events for newly added contacts
0 total events(s) to be processed in batches of 100 contacts

0 total events were executed
0 total events were scheduled

Triggering scheduled events
55 total events(s) to be processed in batches of 100 contacts
0/55 [>---------------------------] 0%
55/55 [============================] 100% In ScheduledExecutioner.php line 300:

Call to a member function getEvent() on bool

mautic:campaigns:trigger [-i|–campaign-id [CAMPAIGN-ID]] [–campaign-limit [CAMPAIGN-LIMIT]] [–contact-id [CONTACT-ID]] [–contact-ids [CONTACT-IDS]] [–min-contact-id [MIN-CONTACT-ID]] [–max-contact-id [MAX-CONTACT-ID]] [–thread-id [THREAD-ID]] [–max-threads [MAX-THREADS]] [–kickoff-only] [–scheduled-only] [–inactive-only] [-l|–batch-limit [BATCH-LIMIT]] [–bypass-locking] [-t|–timeout TIMEOUT] [-x|–lock_mode LOCK_MODE] [-f|–force] [-h|–help] [-q|–quiet] [-v|vv|vvv|–verbose] [-V|–version] [–ansi] [–no-ansi] [-n|–no-interaction] [-e|–env ENV] [–no-debug] [–]

But, everything seems to be working fine, nothing in the log file.

Should I be worried?

Hello @CarlJohan,

Can you make us a screenshot of your campaign (ID 5) please?


Like this?

Thanks @CarlJohan,

Is it possible to clone the campaign, disable the current campaign and in the new one attach each action to the starting point. The idea is to put the actions side by side rather than one after the other. It will come back to the same thing if you adjust the sending time of each email.

Does this work?


Thanks @pierre_a , ill try that during the weekend. Many thanks.