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Campaign not sending emails to entire segment

Hi, we are having issues with our Mautic account not sending campaign emails to all of the contacts within a segment. I am sure everything within the campaign has been set up correctly, and this issue seems to have started after upgrading to 2.14.

For example, I set up a campaign to send emails to a segment of 25 contacts. The campaign will say there were 25 completed actions for sending the email, however, when I go to look at the stats for the email that was sent, only 5 of the 25 contacts were sent the email.

When looking at our email delivery service (we are using Sparkpost), it only shows that the 5 emails even made it into the Sparkpost pipeline.

None of the other emails have bounced or are listed as Do Not Contact/Unsubscribed.

Also, when reviewing the log of each contact, the contact log shows the email in question was sent to the contact via the campaign.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

I’m also having this issue. Please keep me updated if anyone else has a solution. Also on 2.14. Can confirm with Amazon AWS same thing. Says the campaign action was triggered. However in a large portion of the contacts the email is not sent. Some contacts say campaign triggered, then email sent. The ones that did not go just say campaign triggered.

Found this issue on github. As a work around they are suggesting incresing your memory limit and limiting the batch size to 5.

mautic:campaigns:trigger --batch-limit=5