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"Campaign"-tab does not work

Hey there,

I am running 2.14 on PHP 7.1.19
For some odd reason nothing happens when I click the campaigns tab.

Console aint telling me much either: 500 ()

Already re-installed Mautic, same result.
Anyone with any thoughts?

I get this problem too, and emails (in Channels) does not work for me when I upgraded to ver2.14. Tried all suggestions but cannot resolve

Yep, same with my install. I cleared cache, but it does not change a thing. I found out it is created by a server error. Probably since latest update 2.14.

Adding this behind the domain shows the internal server error.


What works with me was following these steps:

I backed up the complete website and database. And i followed the steps. Updating the database worked for me. All tabs are working fine again.