Can campaigns be triggered ONLY by segments, forms and other campaigns? Or are there other "direct" triggers?

Appart from “manually” from the dashboard, I feel that any campaign can ONLY be triggered by:

  • A form that has been created as “campaign form”.
  • A user entering into a segment.
  • An action inside another campaign doing a “change campaigns”.


  1. Is this assumption correct?
  2. Shouldn’t we be able to “initially trigger” a campaign by “any” event? (for example: downloading an asset, visting a page, opening an email, etc.) without the need that this “condition” is set inside “another” campaign? In the limit be able to set a webhook and that “anything that happens” with X lead could really “start” a campaign.
  3. In the case this assumption is correct, do you guys set a “parallel segment” to “each campaign” only for the triggering? Ie: campaign-a triggered by segment-a, campaign-b by segment-b, … campaign-z triggered by the user entering segment-z?? Is this approach “the correct one”?


  1. yes

  2. In essence you can do that, but just with the extra step of them needing to be in a segment 1st. If you wanted to have a trigger event affect all your contacts then create a segment with a filter that adds all your contacts to that segment, then you have all the trigger options available to you.

  3. yes and no. I will have multiple campaigns apply to a single segment. For example I have a segment for current customers. On that segment I run campaigns for up sells, happy birthday and referral requests. Segments are a very nice way to keep contacts organised.