Can forms be renamed? What happens to the history?

Supose I create a form, name it Join-in negotiation checklist and publish it, and I get contacts from that form and I see the history of the contact and I see "this contact filled form Join-in negotiation checklist.

2 months later I realize this was a B2B lead-magnet and I create a new funnel, new automation and new form for B2C and I create the form Join-in negotiation B2C checklist.

For for coherence I want to rename the first form from Join-in negotiation checklist into Join-in negotiation B2B checklist

If I change my mind about the form name, once people started to come in from there, what are the consequences?

PD: Relates to this one about renaming tags: Can tags be renamed? What happens to history?

When you create a from, corresponding table is created in database. If you change the name will update, but the table in database will not.

I do not see any reason why renaming the form via GUI would be problematic.

Regards, M.