Can I show the url for a page as dynamic content (or otherwise) on the same page?

Is there a way to do the following.

I need to explain the set up first so I can frame the question.

I use a mautic form to initiate an email that contains a link that has tokens, so that when the person clicks the link they end up on a page that uses dynamic content to personalise the page plus show a form that is prepopulated with the person’s known info.

I would like to be able to generate that same personalised link and show it on “thank you” page one is redirected to after submitting the mautic form. Then a member of my team can copy and paste the link it send it to the recipient via other platforms besides email, ie whats app, messenger etc.

Of course the URL from the address bar can just be copied but I want display the URL as a dynamic field on my website.

Any suggestions?