Track URL of dynamic content like {signature}

Hey guys,

I am starting to work with dynamic content like {signature} (that come with mautic) and i also have a plugin called Twig Templates that allow me to create dynamic content and use it on emails.

By doing it i found out that i face a big problem with the fact that mautic unable to recognize the links on dynamic content.

Normally on emails there are the links (like the image below) but they don’t show up on dynamic content.

Is there anything i can do to make mautic detect dynamic content urls?

You can try using {leadfield=email} instead of {contactfield=email} in dynamic content, maybe the url will show correctly and dynamically correct

Hey thanks for your reply,
It’s possible that are talking about different dynamic content.

I am talking about content i am inserting into html code and text more like {signature} field.
Or content i am inserting with a plugin called Twig Templates.

Unless i wasn’t able to understand you correctly {contactfield=email} is a field that return email and i am not talking about fields on the user data but on global fields that contain data i insert in all emails.

Yeah that’s why we have explained how you can use tokens in template of email body which contains a URL embeded with that token.
If we are not able to still understand you, then please explain more in details, maybe we can help you out

At the moment i am not using token.
In mautic you have the option to define signature.

You can call that field with {signature} and that field contain urls.
Let say in this example the url

When the url show up on the email body itself mautic know how to track the url clicks.
When the url is inside {signature} the system don’t know how to track the links and how many people clicked on them.

I think mautic allows only plain text rendering in email body as {signature}