Dynamic Web Content Cannot be used in Email, Right?

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My Mautic version is: 3.1.0
My PHP version is: 7.4

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My problem is:
I want to use dynamic web content in an email, but it seems that the {dynamiccontent=“XXX”} token only works to refer to dynamic content specific to that email.

Ideally, I’d like to reference one piece of content across multiple emails. Specifically, I’m trying to promote an upcoming webinar across multiple campaign emails. When the webinar is done, the campaign emails will remain, and I"ll want to update all of them again to reference the next webinar and so-on.

Dynamic Web Content seemed like an ideal way to do that, and the Variables documentation page referenced the {dynamiccontent=“XXX”} token under “Dynamic Web Content” but when I put a slot name in the token, it doesn’t work. The token remains in the email after it’s sent.

What am I missing? Is there no way to re-use content between campaign emails?

Hi, why don’t you make a textarea variable, that you change for all users who qualify (by a campaign) and insert this variable in the email?

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That’s a great idea for a workaround. A little clunky to update and test, but certainly beats updating each email.

I just tried it, and unfortunately your workaround didn’t work for me. It seems that Mautic (now?) strips html from merge fields. So to do this, I’d have to create a field for every single snippet of text, every image, and every target url. That’s too many fields, considering the 64-field limit is still in place :frowning:

Thank you for the idea, though!

not sure about your version, but you might wanna try:

Maybe it helps.
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We have this and we’re very happy with it! It works with 3.02

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So @kuzmany offers two great solutions to this challenge!

Thank you, @gary.harrison for suggesting Twig Templates - this does what I need.

I also want to mention Kuzmany’s MauticCustomTags plugin, which would allow me to pull in the content via an html file stored somewhere convenient. Twig Tempaltes is faster, though, because my team doesn’t have to create the HTML file and upload it.

Ultimately, I’d love to use the Dynamic Content twig extension in the Mautic Advanced Templates Plugin that @joeyk mentioned, but it’s not compatible with Mautic 3, which we are now on and we’re working to migrate all clients to in the next few months. That is the best solution to this challenge because it gets us a WYSIWYG editor and logic for personalization.

Thanks Steve. We also are using the MauticCustomTags from @kazmany - also works really well and highly recommended.