Dynamic Content into email


Is it possible to create a dymanic content block with some content like a special promotion and insert this into an email ?

the purpose id like to this for is for example if my promotions change each week, i can just update my dynamic content block once, and it will display the updated content to all the new template emails for that campaign from that point onwards.

is this possible to do?

I created “dynamic content” and the ID is showing as 1,

now how do I insert this into an email so when the email goes out it will display the dynamic content content into the email?

I read around but cant seem to figure it out so i figured i’d post here.

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.3.5
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: 10.6

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This would be a feature I would wish for too. As far as I know it, there is only the “dynamic content” block in the new mjml email builder which you have to insert into every email and it is only in that sense dynamic that you can change the content in condition to a contact or company field.

I would much more prefer to filter based on segments and to be able to set a content globally for all emails which use this dynamic content.

If anybody has more information please share.

You can do this with this plugin:


Can I fetch html content from another url into the email?

out of the box, I don’t think there is a solution, the twig templates might do the work but I don’t know if they have a fetch function in twig.

I do know a service that you can use that do just that, but it is in the SMTP server.
Elastic email service have this option and you can use together with mautic.

2 instructions that you can use in the body of your email that solves your issue:

  1. This will render the HTML of the webpage at the specified URL, inside your e-mail body:
  1. this will render the rss content into your email

so, you could have a dynamic webpage that renders specific content for each user, or for a specific persona, and let elastic mail fetch that content. for example, inside mautic you include something like this:

Hello {contactfield=firstname},
here are some offerings just for you:

I am not aware which other SMTP server offers a similar feature, here are more details of the elastic mail merge variables: