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Can I use put extra content to previous planned series of emails?

I have a campaign - series of emails (40 emails, send one every Tuesday).
I want to add some “code” in each email that will mark a place where my specific content may show up.
From today to next Sunday I want to add to all emails sent in that period info about promotion using special “code”.
The goal is to paste actual info into the previous prepared series of emails.
It’s possible? How?

Hey, not sure I understand the question.
If you replace the template emails used by your campaign, the new content will go out to all contacts getting those emails. Once your special communication is over, you should remove r change the content of the magic blocks.
If I misunderstood you plz let me know, I’ll try to help you further.


let me try to clear this:
What I want to achieve:
I plan a set of 40 mails, send every Tuesday.
Every mail has an area in the body (let’s name it X).

I run this campaign and some people start receiving emails. During this, I want to start one-week promotion. So, I want to add info to every current send mail about this using this X area.
I imagine change X-body in some place, then it automatically updates in every mail (in X area) send by this campaign, so I don’t need to edit every email.

Is it clear? I wonder now this is something like X - area or I need adopt something.
BTW Sorry, English isn’t my primary language.

Hey Magma, you are very clear, thank you. Great English btw.
This is what you want: have a dynamic content piece, that can be changed based on actual promotion.

You have 2 ways go to:

  1. if this is just a line of content, like a couple of sentences, no html, then you can
  • add a custom field / textarea with this value and re-import your contacts (email and new field is enough).
  • In the email you create a section for this info and call it dynamically: {contactfield = yournbefieldalias}
  1. you can use a Twig plugin, where you att the twig content to your email: {twigtemplate=1}. In the template you define your text and will be pasted into all emails.
    See my blogpost:
    This is a payed plugin, very inexpensive and it will benefit one of the main Mautic contributors.


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