Can Mautic email tracking pixel code be placed on other email mailing platforms?

I use different platforms for mailing our contacts.

Is it possible to track those opens and clicks back to the Mautic contact (if existent) with a tracking pixel?

If so, what would the code look like?

Any comment would be much appreciated.


Yes you can. But there are limitations:

  1. You can track if someone opened an email by adding email into the tracking pixel. You can also add a multi-select field listing which email someone opened.
    Contact tracking | Mautic

With this method you can add openers of another mailing to Mautic by adding the right info to the link:

URL Encoded:

  1. You can use UTM parameters and once the link is clicked, and the landing is a Mautic tracked page, you understand, that someone arrived from your email and what link they clicked.

PS1: Make sure you are using the proper domain config for that (all mailing platforms use the same subdomain)
PS2: All custom fields must be publicly updatable

Thank you joeyk … just to be clear, I add:

<img height="1" width="1" src=""/> 

… to the html of an email sent by another platform and I can track opens back to the contact in Mautic for that email? and subsequently score, etc.?

Would you please confirm if the following is correct?

It’s not reading the correct OPEN in Mautic for the contact.


Sorry to keep on with this …

But will the pixel tracking on third party email platforms NOT work if CORS is set to particular domains?

Would I need to set CORS to NOT restrict domains? to be able to track emails via the tracking pixel?

Thanks again.

Is this an email html? It seems printed quotable.
Regarding your second question: CORS should be off, NOT in restrict mode, but even better if you use a CNAME, so you have same domain tracking.

Thanks for feedback.

  1. HTML: Yes, it’s an html message. Is it formatted correctly?
  2. CORS: Yes, I will leave OFF for now. However CNAME for the different mailing domain(s) should optimally be pointed back to the mautic installation?

Thanks 1000x.

Sorry again:

I can successfully track messages emailed directly from Mautic, but NOT those mailed by third party platforms.

The automatically generated code from my Mautic creates what I believe is a tracking gif?


When I set my code to a static pixel and add the email address per above, the message doesn’t track back to the contact.

<img src="$contacts_email1" height="1" width="1" />

What am I doing wrong?


So after numerous hours … per a request below from years ago, I see that it is NOT possible? to track open emails via third-party platforms?

Would somebody please confirm?

I will look up how i did it and give you feedback.

Hello again Joey … were you able to take a look at this?

I confirm that I have:

  1. Modified all my custom fields as public updatable.
  2. Created, authenticated the mailing domain in the format ( within CORS.

Still not tracking the opens in the format previously shown:

<img src=3D"" style=3D"display: none;" height=3D"1" w=


Any further ideas would be great. Thanks!

I checked how I did it back then.

I’m really sorry, that I my initial answer was it’s possible with the tracking img. It is not that simple, and I had to use a workaround.


  1. Firing this tracking image you are not saying what email you are trying to track. So the tracking img tries to read the header of the page, but can’t since it’s confined to an email reader.
  2. Sometimes you don’t have this email registered in Mautic at all, so how do you make the tracking then?

The workaround I used relied on the followings:

  1. Custom tracking pixel (10-15 lines of code) was placed on my server and by adding email id and email address an API call would be initiated, that added UTM tags OR Mautic to the contact by utilizing
  2. Based on the tags further campaigns could be launched. If the person is not in Mautic, a new person would be created.

Is this solution acceptable for you?

Yes, your solution is understandable and acceptable.

Any idea is well received.

As you say, I’m trying to create Mautic campaigns on those people who open and/or click on emails sent via third party platforms - in this case, Mailchimp, Mandrill and Sendgrid - with the correct tags and calculated points, etc.

Let me know!

I created a detailed blog post, including the script as well.
I hope I covered everything.

Hello Joey and forum members:

I confirm that the solution offered by Joey works successfully.

Thank you!