Can Mautic receive Tags through API or otherwise?

Hi there!

I´m using Thrive Quizz Builder on WordPress which is able to pass tags through to Active Campaign and others based on the answers. I have Mautic connected with Thrive through API, but it seems Mautic isn’t receiving them. Has anyone experience with this? Thanks!

Hi Marco,

I have the same issue right now. Thrive Quiz does not support Mautic currently on the tags submission. (response from Thrive Support)
We need to know if Mautic is able to handle “tags” via API call ???
If yes the Thrive Team might be able to adapt the Thrive Quiz.

Hi Marco,

It is now on the wish list of the Thrive Team:

Thrive Forum

Raise your hand as well on the thread when you like to have it.
Maybe this helps to push it.

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Hi Andre

Thank you for your reply! I´ll certainly vote on the forum for this feature to be added.

Thanks again.


There are new developments on the ThriveThemes integration, see Mautic 3.0.0: 'This form is no longer available' - Thrive Leads.

And please do vote on for them to bring it back.

How did you connect thrive leads? Zapier?