Mautic and Thrive Themes (Leads) Integration

I have been a Mautic user since the very beginning. I chose Thrive Themes for my WP site because they had a Mautic Integration. But a few years ago Thrive stopped supporting the integration and now it does not work at all.

Judging by the number of posts on this forum on this topic, I am not alone in my frustration. One can use the std Mautic forms and plug them into Thrive, but mucking about with CSS to get them to look ok sucks. Even more so when there are gorgeous out the box Thrive Leads forms to use, plus a powerful reporting dashboard and AB testing functionality inside of Thrive.

After messing about with APIs, Webhooks, and other 3rd party plugins I have finally been able to get a pretty robust Mautic Thrive Integration working. The biggest challenge was to get the Mautic tracking pixel to fire when the lead form is completed so Mautic would associate the correct IP address/browser with the newly identified contact.

Here is how I did it. Hope you find it useful.

Thanks to @joeyk, @steverobinson and @leoschuler for their contributions in helping this non-coder solve this issue. I think this could be used for other form builders, provided they could pass the form info via URL.

PS I have tried to post replies to the more recent threads on this topic, so forgive me if you see my post about this solution dotted around the forum.


I haven’t really decided on a membership plug-in or email marketing/automation platform, but these two seem to be nice options for my start-up web site. However, I’m not quite sure how I would get the data to two places. If I use, for example, Thrive Leads, can I push that new sign-up to both Memberpress (or Ultimate Member or Restrict Content Pro or…) and MailerLite 9Apps Showbox Tutuapp (or Sendinblue, or Mautic, or Sendy, or…)?

This is not really a mautic question but let me answer anyway.

I use Thrive Suite and their Apprentice plugin to manage my courses. I combine that with woocommerce and Paid Membership Pro to accept payments and manage members-only access.

I sync that all with mautic using the wootic WP plugin or the via the process in my tutorial video above, depending on the use case.

I use mautic over other options as its’ cheaper and far more powerful. But it is more complicated and challenging to use, set up and maintain. Thrive has easier native integrations with other tools like the ones you mention. But the integrations are limited in function.

I do also push some stuff from thrive to mail chimp (native integration) and then into mautic as mautic has good integration with mail chimp. A workaround but effective once set up.

2 days ago Thrive released their Automator plugin which will be a game-changer. It included an open API for thrive so I am hoping some clever person may code up a native mautic thrive integration one day.