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Mautic 3.0.0: 'This form is no longer available' - Thrive Leads

When I submit a form via Thrive Leads, I get this error:

This form is no longer available.

  • The form IS available and enabled.
  • mauticform[formId] is set in the form code.

Any ideas why this Mautic returns this error?

Hi Maurice,

Please post any Mautic 3 questions in the #support:mautic-3-install-upgrade-support channel as it helps us to keep things together in one place.

How are you integrating with Thrive Leads? Has the integration been updated to support Mautic 3?

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The Thrive Leads Mautic integration hasn’t been working for a very long time. So I don’t even try that anymore. What I did was using the html form code.Then TL uses this to create a form for TL itself. But this also doesn’t work.

So I’m not sure who’s breaking things here.

What I did to create a workaround is let Thrive Leads post to an external PHP file. This file catches the posted data and posts it to Mautic. This works and it’s quick. But… it IS still a workaround.

PS I just saw that Thrive removed the Mautic API integration altogether…

How are you embedding the forms, with the plugin shortcode, automatic via JS or manual?

Have you checked to see if there are any markup changes if you are doing it manually? Have you tried bulk-rebuilding the forms in Mautic using the select all > rebuild feature?

Just a few thoughts!

I am embedding the forms manually. You need to enter the complete HTML form code in Thrive Leads. Then they create a form out of it. As far as I can see in the Thrive Leads page that contains the form as thet created it, it looks fine.

However, it does not work, since I get the error ‘This form no longer exists’ back.

But when I paste the same original mautic form code in a flat HTML file, it DOES work.

So I suspect that Thrive Leads somehow malforms the code.

Looks that way, I’d be inclined to follow it up with them and see if they can help troubleshoot as if the form works fine in regular html then it seems something might be going wrong with that part.

I’m not sure if they’re open to troubleshooting this, because they recently dropped their Mautic integration. It’s probably easier for them to drop it, than to fix it. I will open a ticket with them and ask them some questions. I’ll keep you updated here.

(need an active Thrive account to access)

Quick answer from Thrive support:

Thank you for reaching out to us with your concern, we will be more than
happy to help you out and clarify this.

Indeed, at the moment, we’ve decided to remove Mautic as our integration
since Thrive Leads doesn’t work well with its latest version.

Our development team said that we only support Mautic versions until 2.7. If
you are using the latest version of Mautic, you need to contact the Mautic
support team and request for downgrading the version.

For now, we decided to put this concerned as Feature Request, and I added a
vote for you.

We removed Mautic from our supported API connections list awhile back, when
this issue first appeared.

For more information, feature requests go straight into a strategy board
where the management team will review them. Depending on how many people
request a feature and how many people will benefit from the function, the
cost-benefit ratio (if it is a lot of work for little end-user reward or the
opposite) and our current workload, we decide which features to build.

Of course, we try and deliver as many updates and new features as possible,
but it’s just not possible to build everything. We promise that every
feature request is set to log, will be subject to review and we will endeavor to
improve our software as best we can over time.

Unfortunately they did not answer why Mautic forms in plain HTML work and why they don’t work when using Thrive Leads.

Wow, 2.7?

That is extremely old being released in 2017 (2.16.2 is the latest release on the 2.x branch!) so I do not suggest following that advice to downgrade!

I’d suggest asking folk to vote for the feature if they use it - maybe make a separate thread? In the meantime not sure how to proceed - can you just use the forms without the integration?

Hi Ruth, indeed very old. No, I certainly won’t downgrade Mautic for their sake. Haha, nice try. :rofl:

What I did is using an external small PHP file that catches the post data from Thrive Leads. So TL posts to that file.

And then this PHP file immediately re-posts it to Mautic with the fields as they appear in the Mautic form.

It’s a workaround, but it works perfectly. This PHP file functions as a ‘repeater’.

So I think we don’t have to do anything here on the Mautic-side. It’s a confirmed Thrive Leads issue.

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