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Since ThriveLeads API connection to Mautic is no longer supported, I have had a HORRIBLE time getting popups on Wordpress integrated with Mautic version 3.2.5. Thrive now suggests using Zapier for the connection (which I think is clunky - especially across multiple sites).
Pulling a Mautic form means allowing Mautic to control the presentation layer. And quite honestly, Mautic is not great in this area (designing multiple forms in Mautic to match various websites isn’t a great option).

Who here is using Popups via an API integration? What’s solutions have people have found? If you’re a former Thrive user and found another solution, would love to hear from you.

Hello, I am connecting Mautic with thrive leads via HTML forms. Going to the form in Mautic, then “Manual copy”, and then I am using the " Copy and paste the form’s content into the document’s body." code to connect with Mautic.