Please vote to have Thrive Themes re connected with Mautic

I would love to have Thrive themes support Mautic as they once did.
If you agree please use the link below to vote for the integration to update. There is still a basic integration but its missing some core feature like passing the IP address along with a contact’s details into mautic from a Thrive lead capture form.

Vote for Thrive Themes and Mautic integration

PS - Posted here rather than in feature request as this feature does exist but needs updating by thrive and this forum gets the most eyeballs so the best chance of the most votes.

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BTW there is a workaround for the ThriveThemes integration, see Mautic 3.0.0: 'This form is no longer available' - Thrive Leads.

But please do vote on for them to bring it back.