Can't upgrade 4.3.1>4.4 by composer

Mautic 4.3.1
php 7.4.30
MariaDB 10.4.25

after running composer up and update packets, delete cache nothing changes. Still after login to mautic I see old version 4.3.1 and information about new 4.4 available.

Any suggestion how to upgrade mautic?

BTW. In this case (composer install) how looks update database?

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Finally, I find a way to upgrade Mautic without error. Here are the steps:

  1. cd ././my-host-web-root #find my host’s root
  2. composer self-update #update composer to the latest version
  3. git clone GitHub - mautic/recommended-project #clone the latest mautic project
  4. cd #enter my website root
  5. cp …/recommended-project/composer.json ./composer.json #replace the old composer.json
  6. mv ./docroot/app/config/local.php …/local.php #move my website’s local.php to host’s root
  7. composer update #upgrade the Mautic
  8. mv …/local.php ./docroot/app/config/local.php #move website’s local.php to the right place
  9. bin/console cache:clear #clear the cache

With the 9 steps, I upgrade my Mautic successfully.
Hope this can help you.