Change redirect after Login


I wonder if anyone knows how to change the page Mautic redirects to after login. What if we wanted to redirect the page to contacts page or even better to an iframe ?

On that note what I was trying to do was build a json file to call inside the dashboard as I wanted to embed an iframe inside but have no idea how to do that. Any thoughts direction would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @mikew,

What is the business use case that requires a link to a specific page?
To my knowledge this is not possible today in Mautic.
You can suggest a new feature if you think it could be useful for other people. :slight_smile:


Hey @pierre_a

Thanks for the reply. We actually figured out how to modify the dashboard view and were able to embed our BI view inside this.

The business case is that the current dashboard and widgets provided are not 100% comfortable and limited in what and how they can be displayed.

Our end result looks like this:

We will be publishing a post on exactly how we did this in the next week or so.


Looking forward to it.

This is very interesting! Looking forward to your update :slight_smile:

I posted the tutorial over here


Hello @mikew,

This redirection is a feature to be developed for future versions of Mautic. :slight_smile:
If needed I know some developers who could help you. I can put you in touch.

Have a nice day,

Hey @pierre_a - thanks for your input. We managed to do what we need thanks to the nature of open source. You should go and check out the final result - we think it is super cool. Check it out here.

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