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Clear all notifications

Hi Mauticians!

I am trying to clear all notifications, however; they keep on reappearing.

  • I click on Clear all notifications, they are gone!
  • Refresh the browser
  • All notifications are still there.

Clearing them one by one manually takes days, it’s not even funny.

Is anyone having this issue? See image:

I have the same problem。Too many notifications

@ben what those notification says , can you screenshot please

I even downloaded an Autoclicker to remove one by one, no luck, they are just too many or they keep on re-appearing.

Any ideas? workaround?

Sure,It said “
Failed to execute campaign event for HonQAQ.” (HonQAQ are who unscripbe from the list)

see screenhost:

same here, it pop up every 5 minutes, and get almost thousands of notifcations.

@ben they contact have some issue

Yes the error is because that contact has been either unsubscribed, set to “do not contact”, or their email is bouncing.

The challenge is that these notifications are hundreds, and they are using the same window that mautic uses to notify a new update. Hopefully I don’t miss it!

@pochat better you removed those emails or unpublish that campagin in this campaign they are

All contacts have been moved to an unsubscribed segment 2 months ago. However I can’t clear those notifications.


@pochat , clear cache and update schema , then see ?

Ah. Let me try that!

Nope! It doesn’t work. Clear all cache and reset the dB schema multiple times while clearing all notifications.

I’ll keep on trying other solutions.

Is there any update for this?

The reason for the notifications doesn’t matter. The problem is that they keep coming back. I clear all, when the page is refreshed, they come right back.


Same issue here. A very long list of notifications for a solved campaign issue of 26d ago keep still re-appearing. Desperately hoping for an update and solution to clear all.


I have this issue. Anyone found a solution yet?