Commission to write an API plugin for quick email generation

Good day, Everyone. We have an entertainment website that publishes a new video every 2 days. I’m looking for a plugin to automate the task of creating the emails which notify the subscribers about the new videos. Preferably using PHP post request.

Create a new segment email from an existing custom designed template.
Swap out text data such as episode titles, short description.
Swap out the image of the video thumbnail.
Swap out url links for the buttons within the email.
Schedule the email to publish at a preset date and time.

Currently we have to schedule the emails manually - 15 - 20 emails a month for every episode. It’s not much but it’s not a short process either.

Mautic’s API doesn’t offer image swapping and the whole process is broken apart into several API calls. If you can use those API calls to make a single function operation, that would work.


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