Composer upgrade Docs, need some work

The switch to composer docs really needs some work. I see lots of copy icons but the copied text is not complete so you can’t just copy and paste into a terminal windows in order to do the upgrade.

I have also bought up in the slack channel the local.php file needs to be updated.
With the new installation/upgrade with composer there is now a docroot directory added where Mautic and all it’s files reside.

So would all directory paths need to be updated to reflect /mautic/docroot now ? and also cronjob need to be updated as well.

My understanding from @rcheesley is this is for security reasons.

I have been struggling with composer for a while now and I think there are a few dependency issues that require a little technical knowledge to overcome (thankfully I was able to resolve all these and have been documented in slack channel)

Hi folks!

Please feel free to edit the page with the link at the bottom of the page. I also have a pending PR to be reviewed:

I guess the other question I have is why a change to rootdoc instead of the original path?