Create plain text email in mautic

Your software
My Mautic version is: 3.2.0
My PHP version is: 7.4.3

Your problem
I’m looking to create a plain text email in mautic. I know there is an option to set plain text version in the advanced tab in email settings. But I want to use only plain text version without having any HTML version.

I tried using blank theme and code mode but both are creating HTML.

Is there any way for achieving this use case ?

If there is any PR which supports this feature, please let me know.


Hi @loki63 and welcome to the Mautic forum.

To create a plain text email, follow this steps:

  1. Create an email
  2. Provide a name and enter the subject.
  3. In the “Themes” section, select the “Code mode” option.
  4. Now, navigate to the “Advanced” tab. Delete everything inside the “HTML Code” field and then type your message.
  5. Save the email.
  6. Preview the email that you just created. You will see that it appears as plain text, like you desired.

Please note that by following this path, you won’t be able to use specific fonts, colors, bold formatting, or any other type of customization.

Considering the most recent security update for PHP 7.4 was released in November 2022, it is highly advisable to contemplate updating both your Mautic and PHP versions.

Best regards,

Hi @ricfreire ,

Thanks for the response. I glad to know that it can be achieved using mautic.

But I’m not able to find any setting such as “HTML code” in the advanced tab.

I only have these settings in the advanced tab in edit email page ( Check sceenshot )

You need to select the theme “Code Mode”.

Yes, I’ve already selected the code mode theme

I get it, I exemplified with Mautic 4 version. I do not have Mautic 3 installed. My bad :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Hi @ricfreire ,

I was able to update to mautic verison 4.4.10 today.
But it doesn’t have the “HTML Code” field which you referred earlier.
It has the same “Plain text version” field like the previous version which has no use.

Can you please share the full page screenshot of you advanced tab settings.
I think we are referring to the same field but with different labels.

@loki63 you still need to open up the builder:


However, I’m not sure if @ricfreire concept will work - probably depending whether its the legacy of MJML builder.

Its not easy to generate a “native looking” personal mail - which in fact is also HTML + Text, when generated from outlook etc. It involves some hacking to get it left aligned, as MJML tends to put the content with a fixed width always in the middle of the available space in the mail client - no option for left allignment.

I created a personal looking mail template but need to finish it as a generic template, before I could share it.

@loki63 if you follow my previous instructions, you should be able to achieve it. Did you choose the “Code mode”? It seems like you selected the Blank one.