Creating Exit Intent popup with Focus items

I am trying to create an exit intent popup for signups on my site

I understand that exit intent only works on desktop views .

What is the correct way to create these popups ( any video suggestions ? )

How do I create exit intent for mobile views?

Optinmonster is offering exit intent popups which work both on desktop and mobile

Any suggestions?

I also want some sytlish templates for the exit intent popups.
How do I get these? And where?

I purchased Master Popups plugin from Code Canyon but it is not working on my site. ANyone has experience with this plugin for a WP site?

You’ll need to do a bit more searching.

  1. Not sure about exit intent on mobile. How would that work… Watching my finger with a camera if I’m about to push close?
  2. Just experiment with the focus item, there is no correct way. Make sure you are testing the popup on a browser, where you haven’t logged in (EVER) as Mautic admin, otherwise the focus item won’T show.
  3. The correct way is to embed in your site with Javascript.
  4. Optinmonster has great support in my experience. Plz share what they answer.
  5. You can use CSS. Just open the focus item and choose css on the bottom. If you don’t know CSS, you’ll need to learn it first.
  6. Codecanyon has an amazing support. I’m sure they can help better with your WP question then Mautic.
    Good luck to you!

Thanks J

I am replying pointwise
Point 3 - did you mean that we should just embed the signup from on our website?
But exit optins are known to increase signups as far as I have read

Would you know how to embed a mautic form into a popup maker plugin?

Point 5 - Need some help on how to use CSS on Focus items. I know CSS but not clear how to use it in focus items

I have some popup templates ( in json ) - can I upload them into a focus item?

what sort of forms are you using on your site to capture emails?

Any guidance you can offer?

You need to add the javascript shown in Mautic / Focus items page after opening the focus item (right side) This javascript is responsible for envocing this specific focus item.
I can"t really help you with CSS, hopefully someone else chimes in.

I ask for as few info as possible, which giving away the possible most content for free.
But other methods can be just as good depending on your business.

Thanks @joeyk for all your inputs