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Cron jobs for contact 5,000

Can someone recommend me the execution time of cron jobs for lists of 5 thousand contacts?

I currently have cron jobs configured as follows:

mautic: segments: update runs every minute

mautic: campaigns: rebuild runs every 2 minutes

mautic: campaigns: trigger runs every 10 minutes

mautic: emails: send runs every 15 minutes

mautic: email: fetch runs once a day

The problem is that whenever I schedule a campaign, some contacts receive the same email 2 times in a row

Any recommendation?

On the official site recommend the following:

0,15,30,45 <- mautic: segments: update
5,20,35,50 <- mautic: campaigns: update
10,25,40,55 <- mautic: campaigns: trigger

Does this work for any number of contacts?

@krinic Where you install mautic? what is version of your mautic?


mautic I have it installed in a shared hosting

I install it in a subdomain, I work with php7

version of mautic 2.12.0

shared hosting dont allow run cron jobs with a lower time that 15 to 30 minutes. there is not a magic cron job setting since depends from a lot of factors like server hardware, system size and other needs.