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CSRF Token is invalid

Hello all. I need a little help. I setup Mautic a few days ago. Having trouble connecting to Amazon SES SMTP servers, so I switched to Elastic Email. Ever since I did that, I’m getting this message:

“The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the form.”

I logged out of the account, logged back in, same message.

Anyone have any idea what this means and how to fix it?

@ann , check you PHPmyadmin and get the user name chnage the password , and try

@bizcrony thanks so much for your help

I went to PHPmyadmin and edited the database that I put mautic in. I searched for users and changed the username and password.

I still can’t get in. I tried clicking on reset password, getting the same CSRF token error message.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time for the changes to be in effect? Maybe wait an hour or so?

@ann how may i help you already did , but this is the way . Make sure delete cache also.

@bizcrony Ohhhhhhhh, I forgot to do that. Thank you!

do it and try :slight_smile: did you change email id also ?

I changed the email, not the email ID. I think I give up! I’m going to delete it and reinstall from scratch.

okey Try and update

@Ann, changing the password in PhpMyAdmin won’t work, I guess. You will have to encrypt the password. Please take a look here:

@PeterTL and @bizcrony

Thanks for all your help. I ended up deleting the whole installation and going over to Amazon EC2 and installing it from there. Working fine now AND FASTER!!!
EC2 charges for Micro instances are free for up to 750 hours a month if you qualify for the AWS Free Tier.

@Ann great to know