Custom Translations for Languages other than en_US

Hi there!
I was trying to override the translation in German for the Field Group “Social”. In german it’s translated to “Sozial” but I would rather like it to say “Marketing”. There’s already some fields associated to the group Social so creating a new group and moving all those fields to the new group would be a bit more effort I guess.

I know overriding the translation files for en_US is very easy by just using the same key in the messages.ini file. But that does not seem to be working for the german messages.ini file.

Here’s a short description of how my files look like:


I have no experience with Transifex but I assume it is for general translation, not custom ones, right?

Thanks for your help.

Hey, Mautic can actually override translations since the beginning. It was not documented though. I created a pull request to document this feature. It will be in the official docs once it is merged but until then you can find the text in Documenting translation overrides by escopecz · Pull Request #332 · mautic/mautic-documentation · GitHub

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