Translating custom fields

Hi, how do I translate my own custom fields? My backend is accessed by people who only speak Italian and people who only speak French. Is there a way to make it so that the custom fields I create appear in the language of the reader? ( of course, I will put the translations myself)

Also, is there a way to change a translated sentence only for my local Mautic (and not change it from Transifex)? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, you can overwrite the preset name by custom fields.

Thank you @joeyk :slight_smile:
I tried as you said but I think this is not the solution I’m searching for.

I tried to translate the “initial request” field I created in Italian (from my account set in Italian). Then I switched to French, entered the translation in the custom field, saved and switched back into Italian. At that point the field was in French (so the original translation was lost).

Am I missing something? Thank you :slight_smile:

Custom fields are not multi lingual this way as far as i know. We for example created different language version install based on location.

Ah ok, perfect. Thank you very much @joeyk :slight_smile: