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Customize how companies are identified for updating them w/ form submissions

Today the doc says :

“Identifying Companies
Companies are identified strictly through a matching criteria based on Company Name, City, Country (and/or State). If city of country are not delivered as identifying fields to identify a contact, a company will not be matched or created.”

What I propose is to let user specify what fields must be brought together in a form in order to identify a company before we can update a company field.

The triplet “name”, “state”, “country” seems an imposed design choice. Which is irrelevant outside of US, if there is no state, and doesn’t add much value if all your B2B users are in the same country.

In my case I would like to use the tax ID only to identifying a company. Several companies can have same name, that’s why. I do think other businesses using Mautic may consider different way to identify the company of their customers. Leave them this choice. Thank you.