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Dashboard default timerange

Originally posted on github:

On home page, user can define time range to display the graph
for example last month : from 1st june to today july 5th

But tomorrow the timerange will always be june 1st - july 5th so the graph will not be updated anymore with the most recent values.

Note that mautic does not allow to enter a date in the future so we can’t fix for example that we want to see from January 1st to December 31 right now. you would have to update the timerange everyday! :frowning:

Mautic remembers the timerange entered on the dashboard even after having disconneted the session
Thus a not so well trained user will forget about this filter and think that mautic buged and can’t refresh the graphs.

There’s should be default buttons like : this week, last week, current month, last month, 30 last days and then the timerange inputs.

Thus a user can select easily if he wants to have a “dynamic” dashboard with everyday results.