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My Mautic version is:4.1.2
My PHP version is: 7.3
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Hello everyone,

I wonder if mautic can handle the date format according to the language.

I want to use my mautic instance to send transactional appointment confirmation emails.

My appointment scheduling software creates the contact in mautic with email, first name and date of the appointment.
I want to send a nice email via mautic confirming the appointment with the date in it.

The problem: I have not yet found how to put the format DD/MM/AAAA for spanish and french customer and MM/DD/AAAA for english/american. I even dont know if it’s possible.
thanks a lot.


Hello @chente38,

Formatting the date in an e-mail according to the recipient is, to my knowledge, not possible today in Mautic.
What you can do is to have several types of e-mail (one per date format) and send the most suitable for each.
You can also do this with a “Dynamic Content” block.

What do you think of this?