DDEV issues

I am evaluating Mautic for a personal project and installed a local development from a forked git repository. I installed DDEV on my system and then executed the .ddev/gitpod-setup-ddev.sh file which ran fine except for a port 80 issue. The PHPMyAdmin service is set up to use port 80 as well as the mautic-web service. I had to modify the config.yaml file to change the ports for mautic-web to use a different port. Once I had all of the services running I went to the web URL and was greeted with a missing Symfony/dotenv package. I then logged into the mautic-web service via the ddev ssh command and issued the compose install command to install Symfony/dotenv. After this I was greeted with a missing vendor/autoload.php file; I created the vendor folder and then created an empty autoload.php file.

After this I was able to see the install screen. The problem there is that I didn’t know the answers until I guessed it by looking at the MyPHPAdmin instance to see the db database created. I was wanting to enter mauticdb for the database name and mautic for the user name. I eventually guessed that the database name was db, the user name was db and the password was db.

Now I am able to give Mautic a try but it took me hours to bring up a development environment because of not understanding all of the setup needed for executing the install script. Not exactly your problem but hopefully this post will help others who are lost.

When installing mautic for local development the project is setup in a way that you can actually clone it, move to project directory and run:

ddev start

Then you just follow instructions on the screen and you have a fully functioning mautic in about 2 minutes.

What you usually want is to checkout specific version, for example: git checkout 5.0.3 so you are working on a stable release (if you do not plan to work on Mautic core, that is)…

Thank you for the information. Until I noticed .ddev in the Mautic base directory I didn’t even know what DDEV was. I noticed the shell scripts, reviewed them and then executed the script.

I will try the ddev start command on a fresh clone and see what occurs and reply back to this post.