I cant login to my mautic from ddev...what is my password

I used db /db as login in ddev
this is username and password in local.php
am I missing something?

When you install with DDEV it outputs the username and password into the terminal.

It will always be admin/mautic.

db is the database password.

I tried admin/mautic it does not work
where can I check the pass and username? local.php?
it does not work
where to get the logs in ddev?
the pass mautic is also mentioned in local.php, but it does not work, I cant login

Hi there,

The credentials are stored in the database - if you installed using DDEV this is the only username/password combination that the automated installer uses. Please note both are lower case.

You can find a walkthrough on setting up with DDEV for testing here: Tester | Mautic Community Handbook in case you did not follow that process - the automated install should only take a couple of seconds to do but it does save a lot of time.

Logs are in var/logs.

As mentioned above, the password in local.php is for the database user not for the application itself.

If you are just using Mautic for testing purposes you could also load up the doctrine fixtures with the command ddev exec bin/console d:f:l - this gives you a bunch of sample data to play with including a couple of users with the same password of ‘mautic’.

I am not testing mautic…I thought this is the prefered way to manage mautic, update on ddev and then upload to live server…like I am doing with Drupal…

Then sure you can use Mautic that way - but the password will be whatever you set in the setup process if you have run through the installation, if you did not use the built-in automatic installation process.

The latest docs on how to install Mautic can be found here: How to install Mautic — Mautic Documentation 0.1 documentation as we are in the process of updating and replatforming - we do not have it documented for using DDEV in production as currently we only use it for testing Mautic.

You can install Mautic either in the GUI or at the command line which is the step where you set up your admin user - all documented above.

Note that we have had some issues over the last releases with updating Mautic using the recommended project approach which we are in the process of resolving.

I used this guide here to update mautic

I ran ddev composer update mautic/core-lib --with-dependencies

bin/console cache:clear bin/console mautic:update:apply --finish bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate --no-interaction bin/console doctrine:schema:update --no-interaction --force bin/console cache:clear

I tried to reset password…but is there a way to do it? WIth Drupal you can use drush to ignore password and log in…is there such a way in mautic…
or I need to go to database and change pass there?