Default layout for form fields


I am using v3.3.4 but this is in all versions

I would like to make it easier for me to set up the forms.
I can’t always use the landing pages and then I put the form code in.
I have one problem with form default layout.
Unfortunately, the default layout is bad in most cases.

Description: Name, Telephone, Address
Data: input html field that collects data
I will use the tables for example, I wonder if the forum will display it correctly ? :slight_smile:

There is a vertical one: each block is below the next.

Description 1
Data 1
Description 2
Data 2
Description 3
Data 3

Description 1
Date 1
Description 2
Date 2
Description 3
Date 3

Link to Mautic DOCS with code Managing forms | Mautic

I would like everyone to be there - horizontally.
Description 1: Data 1
Description 2: Data 2
Description 3: Data 3

Description 1 Date 1
Description 2 Date 2
Description 3 Date 3

No matter if we use the landing page or the code - each time a standard, vertical layout is generated :frowning:

Now, every time after creating a form, I have to rewrite the code using Form Injection and Manual copy option
Mautic DOCS Managing forms | Mautic

It makes my work terribly difficult :frowning:
Where and how can I change the default form creation code from vertical to horizontal?

I use css styles
display: table-row;
display: table-cell;
display: table-header-group;

in > Attributes > Label Attributes or Field Container Attributes, but its makes a mess instead of helping :frowning: