Delete Mautic Contact List with one command

Hi everyone,

We developing a Node.js snippet to sync our Mautic contact database with Firebase Cloud. How do I delete all of my Mautic contacts after the sync transfer from Mautic to our Google Cloud database (e.g., Cron Jobs, command line, etc.)?

See the screenshot Mautic console image, which requires multiple deletions of 65 pages.

DevCED Team

You wanna delete ALL contacts from Mautic?

Statement below is destructive operation, proceed with caution.


Regards, M.

I would like to point out, that @team might want to delete also associated tables?

If constraints in the database are set as they should be, mysql/mariadb should take care of that.

If that is not the case the other solution is to backup “the empty” database and after the sync. you just restore the backup (although I kind of like the first option better).

Regards, M.


table deleted

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